Vancouver Business Event | Update

Vancouver Business Event | Update

Three entrepreneurs from India, Africa, and Central Asia presented their pitch to our panel of donor-investors at our Eagles nest (shark tank like event) and the winner was Decent who received $13000 to scale up his school in Malawi. There were no losers as the Snack Center and the Pizzeria were both able to raise funds and get started or scale up as needed.

Women Arise Workshop

Women Arise Workshop

The Women Arise workshop to train up small business entrepreneurs mostly in jewelry making was launched in New Delhi, India with a view to scale up to an e-business platform for social entrepreneurs working with ACE in different capacities. The startup aims at training and empowering women entrepreneurs to impact the communities in which they serve.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Training, coaching and follow up coaching continue to be a strong focus of ACE, using a variety of approaches from 2-day seminars to 3-month residential schools. In 2018, we held 6 different 1 to 5-day workshops with 28 students in India and 137 in Papua New Guinea. We continue to partner with the School of Transformational Business, training 18 in Singapore, 28 in Uganda,13 in Santiago and 12 in India taking the total of all entrepreneurs trained by ACE in 2018 to 236.



December 6, 2017    2:30 – 3:45 PM PST

An Entrepreneurs Story

Behind the scenes of the Global story of Change

Dave & Tasha

Dave is CEO and co-founder with his wife Tasha, of Village Artisan.They are lovers of Jesus, adventure, and those who have never heard of Him. This passion took them to India, embedded them in a community, and birthed Village Artisan. By His grace, Village Artisan is a growing fair trade company that empowers women, brings dignified work to men and raises families out of the cycle of poverty.

They currently have 2 sites and over 150 employees. As it keeps growing he sees his role as an opportunity creator for those who are starting out. With this in mind, they have started the Village Artisan network. This is the network of folks who are building on the social enterprise model they created to enter new needy communities in North India. Teaching, training and deploying people to new locations, sometimes within the Village Artisan network and sometimes outside, is a way to multiply the impact of the model they began.

What does it take to enable Fair Trade?

December 6, 2017 

2:30 – 3:45 PM PST

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COVID-19 response in India

ACE is supporting India during the COVID-19 pandemic in partnerhisp with local organisation, as the nation reaches over 13,000 confirmed cases. This partnership has come due to the quick lockdown in India that has been extended indefinitely. Millions of daily wage...

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Extending Hope School

Extending Hope School

Entrepreneurs and Social activist Decent and Nadia in Malawi set up this school as a lean startup to provide quality education for children in their city. Following our Vancouver BAM event, the school will use the loan they received to add classrooms and scale up from...

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Investors Trip To Central Asia

Investors Trip To Central Asia

You will have the chance to see some of the country side and at the same time visit, coach and consult some businesses that have a “purpose”.”


August 30 – September 8, 2018


  1. Tajikistan
  2. Kazakhstan
  3. Kyrgyzstan

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Business Conference – Chiangmai

Business Training & Conferences

February 7-11, 2018    Chiangmail, Thailand

We look forward to this time of networking and collaborating with our partners in Asia as social entrepreneurs from around the world gather to learn from one another and from our training sessions. At least 4 entrepreneurs will pitch their business plans before a panel of business leaders for investment in an exciting shark tank like event.