Widows’ Might

From dependent and alone
to self sufficient and in community

Widows’ Might

Widows’ Might began as a development project to build the capacity of a small community of AIDS widows and orphans to become financially self-sufficient. Our hope was that the activity would win the hearts of this unreached community, both to embrace these shunned families, and to open new conversations about the God who cares for these outcasts. Happily, we have seen growth in both goals!*

After researching the local community, raising ducks and selling their eggs appeared to be a good solution. Widows would be asked to share a bit of their earnings to develop an emergency fund for medical costs of any member. They would also give one duck when a new family joined… the dignity of being able to help others along with caring for their own needs. These new believers have done both without being asked, as spontaneous acts of love, gratitude and faith!

During the initial project of providing a coop and 40 ducks for each of the 100 families, the impact of the gospel lived out was immediate and remarkable. Neighbors asked to help build the coops, then asked our staff to come have a cup of tea and tell the story of why these foreigners cared for their widows. He was starting to make regular visits to “tell more stories” when the virus shut that down.

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Covid19 Relief Efforts

With the Covid19 crisis, we have had to include relief efforts to keep these 108 families alive. Officials are so touched when they hear what we are doing we’ve been given favor to buy in bulk and distribute during travel bans.

Next steps include providing a coop and ducks for eight new families who have joined the fellowship due to our widows sharing their faith! We’d like to replace 400 ducks that died in a freak virus that swept through last year. We’d like to resume village visits and offer tutoring for kids to connect with families. These steps will build on the trust, love and questions which have begun with this work to care for the widows.

*Due to the sensitive location, no identifying information is provided in this public communication.