About Ace Development Fund


Our Mission

We affirm, connect and empower individuals in developing countries to escape the cycle of poverty through opportunity.

We affirm the purpose and potential of these individuals through connecting them to loan opportunities, business training and coaching, and therefore empower them to pursue their dreams of creating businesses.

Our Solution

At ACE Development Fund, we see a way to break that cycle by leveraging the strategies of Impact Investment, Social Entrepreneurship and Holistic Development to help the poor lift themselves, and their children out of poverty impacting their entire community in a transforming way.


Impact Investing

Social Entrepreneurship

Holistic Development




The Need

The last few decades have seen the percentage of the global population living in extreme poverty plummet from 35% in 1990 to 10.7% in 2013 leaving about 767 million people living on less than $1.90 a day.

We celebrate the rise of the ‘rest’ as countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have begun to climb the ladder of prosperity and growth. However, this growth is unequal and fragile and millions of the poorest of the poor are still trapped in cycles of poverty and cut off from hope and opportunity. They lack adequate nourishment, safe water, basic sanitation, electricity, access to education and health care and are vulnerable to epidemics, economic shocks and the growing ills of human trafficking and environmental degradation.

Statistics Source : Global Issues, The Human Development Report | Research Date 2013

Who We Are

Ace Development Fund seeks to give the hope of opportunity through pioneer business planting. Our core activities include launching start-ups and helping scale-ups that have impact primarily in Asia and Africa, through training and coaching, facilitating loans and connecting resources needed for these businesses to be successful. This is done by working with partners from all over the world who want to get involved to help create businesses for the poor.

Why We Exist

ACE exists to plant businesses in the developing world as a sustainable solution to alleviating poverty while bringing social, economical and spiritual transformation. It trains entrepreneurs with a core curriculum, connects them to investors, business mentors and business opportunities.

ACE is positioned to serve these new businesses in Asia and Africa by working with business and professionals who want to be involved in “giving back” using their gifts and talents to help bring impact to the poor through business. ACE gets business people and professionals involved by envisioning them, informing them and facilitating them to form “investor groups” that can take them beyond their traditional roles as donors to become mentors, coaches, trainers, investors, innovators and advisors in the non profit sector.