ACE considers all its donors as investors who ‘donate to invest’ in social enterprise seeking a return of social, spiritual and economic impact.

ACE looks for investors that have a heart to give a donation that will be loaned out to vetted and trained social entrepreneurs of start-ups or scale ups in Asia and Africa. These businesses will be screened for profitability and impact on the poor and marginalized. The “investment” can be designated to help a specific business or be an unrestricted donation that is allocated by ACE to specific sectors, regional expansion efforts or in general to the ACE Fund. The initial gift will be loaned out with the purpose that after it is paid back it will be “recycled” into the loan fund to be loaned to other vetted, trained, social entrepreneurs.

In the US, as a 501(3)c, all donations are tax deductible. ACE will manage loan disbursement with low interest rates for varying slabs of investment, monitor the repayment schedule and track Key Performance Indicators for each business.

Investors will receive regular reports, and invitations to participate in our Business With Purpose Events, Exposure Trips and Investor Circle.