About a year ago we were able to connect a retired business leader who had built up a large Chicken and Processing Plant, to participate in advising us on starting a 5000 chicken farm in a poor district of India. We are on our third batch of 5000 chickens and it has gone well. It provides jobs for 2 full-time people and about 5 to 7 part time, people. It is also being used as an example in the area of how to do better chicken farming and people are coming from other parts of India to learn how they have done this type of farming. If everything goes well at the yearly evaluation, the team on the ground want to start 7 of these farms in different districts in western India. Chicken is the top source of meat now in India and the market is expected to increase by over 40% in the next 10 years. We have had a bit of problem with the flies in the Indian monsoon season, but it looks like we’ve been able to conquer this problem. The Health Authorities are also very excited about this farm and are desiring to help us in every way.