COVID-19 response in India

ACE is supporting India during the COVID-19 pandemic in partnerhisp with local organisation, as the nation reaches over 13,000 confirmed cases.

This partnership has come due to the quick lockdown in India that has been extended indefinitely. Millions of daily wage workers are struggling during this time as they don’t have access to government food distribution and aren’t receiving any funds from work. Our partner has been working in over 20 locations all over India to distribute food to the those in dire need.

Please click here, if you’d like to donate or support India.

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Rose Streeshakti Snacks Center

Rose Streeshakti Snacks Center

Joy and Rose successful pioneers of a pre-school for economically disadvantaged people in Lonavala, India have also pioneered a small business with the aim to empower women through their snack center. They pitched for start-up funding at our Vancouver event but later started small with funds raised locally. They have a small attractive sit-down place on a busy shopping street making delicious snacks like samosas, idlis, dosas, etc

Chicken Farming – Satara, India

Chicken Farming – Satara, India

About a year ago we were able to connect a retired business leader who had built up a large Chicken and Processing Plant, to participate in advising us on starting a 5000 chicken farm in a poor district of India. We are on our third batch of 5000 chickens and it has gone well. It provides jobs for 2 full-time people and about 5 to 7 part time, people. It is also being used as an example in the area of how to do better chicken farming and people are coming from other parts of India to learn how they have done this type of farming. If everything goes well at the yearly evaluation, the team on the ground want to start 7 of these farms in different districts in western India. Chicken is the top source of meat now in India and the market is expected to increase by over 40% in the next 10 years. We have had a bit of problem with the flies in the Indian monsoon season, but it looks like we’ve been able to conquer this problem. The Health Authorities are also very excited about this farm and are desiring to help us in every way.

Business Conference Vancouver

Business As Mission


Partnering with ACE Development Fund

Social impact investment conference

Modelling transformative businesses to create change and impact for communities most in need both locally and globally.

Date & Time

6pm – 9pm Friday June 1st, 2018 8am – 4pm Saturday June 2nd, 2018


Pinnacle Harbourfront Hotel, 1133 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Date & Time

2-day Full Conference – $299
Friday Only – $149
Saturday Only – $ 199
Student Rate Full Conference – $150

*Scholarships or Partial Assistance available, contact

Conference topics

Ideas, strategies, community, networks, encouragement, engaging with people, design, creative energy, intentional networking, business design. 

Social Impact Investment
Business as Mission connects engages and inspires business leaders, who share a common goal of implementing business solutions to help bring people out of poverty and building a sustainable future through economic and social development.

Transformational Business
Our panel will be looking at what it means to be transformational in their own businesses by sharing their experiences about the impact their businesses are having a positive change in the community.

Mentorship/Eagle’s Nest
The Eagles Nest will provide opportunities for you to participate in the success of small businesses locally and internationally.  This could be through a financial donation, through your business or professional expertise, through business coaching, connecting through your network, or any other way that helps develop sustainable business solutions.

Join Us

This two-day event includes a chance to network with like-minded people, share ideas and knowledge, and collaborate to help entrepreneurs, business people, students, investors transform that way you think about how you do business and invest in social impact. 

June 1st

Friday night from 6-9pm there will be a networking reception with business people, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors and Non-for-profits.  Followed by a keynote speaker and another session with a panel of Investors/Business People called the Eagles’s (modeled after Dragon’s Den) who will share their own business as mission passion and journeys.

June 2nd

Saturday is a full day 8am-4pm Includes panel talks on the theology of business and another session on transformational business.  Followed by a networking lunch a time for people to share their experiences and stories and network with the panel and speakers.

June 2nd

Saturday is a full day 8am-4pm Includes panel talks on the theology of business and another session on transformational business.  Followed by a networking lunch a time for people to share their experiences and stories and network with the panel and speakers.

Eagle’s Nest

There will be a live “Dragon’s Den” (we call it Eagle’s Nest) where real-life entrepreneurs (both locally and internationally) pitch their business ideas to a panel of established business people people “the Eagles”. Each of these people on the panel have agreed to provide significant financial support for these small businesses, IF they have a sound business plan and IF they meet their criteria for success.  The audience will have a chance to have watch this live to see the start of their business that have a social impact or transform their community.

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