Update April 208

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Latest News, Updates

Coffee shops and Tea shops,Goat Farms and Chicken Farms, Caterers and Food trucks, Tailoring Training and Primary Schools are some of the varied businesses we are involved with. We visited our different enterprises in Asia in early 2018 and participated with our partners in a Business Conference in Chiang Mai Thailand, where 7 businesses were launched or partially funded.

In India, one of our partners, Sahayak Hath has partnered with ACE to launch a tailoring class to equip needy women with skills to start their own tailoring business.We were delighted to find out that one of their young ladies trained by ACE not only  started a beauty parlor but is also training other girls with these skills”. Unfortunately, the Chicken Farm launched in India had to close down and we are looking at other options for sustainability. The Furniture Business in PNG is getting licensed and registered while the Goat Farm faced some setbacks with its meat shop and is changing its strategy.

Meanwhile, we are actively coaching 5 different entrepreneurs and gearing up for the Business as Missions Event in Vancouver in June and the one later in October in Seattle. We also continue to travel and envision people with a passion for transformation and poverty alleviation using business. In Western India, we had 14 different NGO staff take basic training in developing a proof of concept for new startups that ranged from preschools to piggeries. Students in our partner School in Singapore were encouraged to pursue social impact and incorporate Sustainable Development Goals into their Business Plans.