Extending Hope

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Education, Featured Project

Schools as Social Entrepreneurship. There is a desperate need for quality education in many areas of the world and the huge costs involved in building facilities and recruiting trained teachers, stump the most passionate educators.  Entrepreneurs and Social activist Decent and Nadia in Malawi, are using some of these ideas in setting up a new school called “Extending Hope”.

Started last September in their home with a building plan begun on a nearby piece of land. This school already has 42 students( paying fees) and has had to turn away students while they look for an immediate investment of $20,000 to expand to three classrooms. Their vision of the school as a sustainable business that grows to support other social initiatives is an intentional move away from western funded NGO models that are caught up in a never-ending fundraising cycle.

Extending hope has 3 trained, passionate teachers making a difference in the lives of the children they teach. Their vision is to grow incrementally and build a sustainable model that can multiply. They are working with a business coach to finalize an initial business plan to complete a facility that will house the first five grades.

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